Construction Update on the Ark

As someone who has supported the Ark Encounter, you will definitely be blessed by watching a just-produced video by Ken Ham (see the link below). This week Ken recorded a special behind-the-scenes video at the Ark design studios and the Ark construction site itself. This short 9 minute video features Ken interviewing Gary Cole, the Ark construction site manager, and Patrick Marsh, AiG’s VP of Attractions who is heading up the Ark exhibit design/construction.
You can watch the exciting video at this link:
Thank you for being a part of this wonderful outreach!
Sincerely in Christ,
Joe Boone
VP of Advancement

Friday, December 5, 2014 Brian Mariani

Brian Mariani

Friday, December 5, 2014

5 Common Deceptions in Our Culture regarding God, the Bible, Science, and Creation.
Brian Mariani, Alpha Omega Institute

Bethel Baptist Church
1601 Libal St.
Green Bay, WI

Deception #1: The Bible is not completely reliable.
Deception #2: Evolution is proven science and Creation is religious belief.
Deception #3: Science has proven evolution and an old earth.
Deception #4: The Definition of Science cannot allow for God.
Deception #5: Evolution and the Bible are compatible.

This presentation will create audience interaction as we cover questions like:
· Why is Creation important?
· Do we really believe God and the Bible?
· What can you do about spreading Creation?
· How Big is Your God?
Within this presentation, Brian will share his personal testimony and passion for Creation Training. He will explain why he is in the Creation Evangelism Ministry and will present Alpha Omega Institute’s vision for their new training program, the Discover Creation Training Institute (DCTI).

Brian and Aimee Mariani were both raised with a solid foundation and a deep passion for God’s word, science, and God’s Creation. In public schools and secular universities, Brian saw the deception of evolution all around him. He later taught the credibility of creation and the pervasiveness of evolution from a Biblical perspective as a science teacher at a Christian high school. Aimee has spent many years teaching campers about God’s creation at a Christian living history camp. They met at a Bible College that strengthened their creation worldview and Brian also had the opportunity to research and write the Biblical perspective of ancient cultures that can be read in The Genius of Ancient Man. Brian and Aimee joined AOI in 2013 because they have a passion to teach others about God through history, science, and His creation.

Jay Seegert – November 23rd and 24th

Sunday, November 23rd – Bay City Baptist Church, 1840 Bond Street, Green Bay, Wi (Open to the Public)

9:30 am to 10:15 am Creation vs. Evolution – The Case from Science

10:30 am to 12:00 pm Creation, Evolution & the Authority of Scripture

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm Top 10 Questions (about Creation vs. Evolution)


Monday, November 24rd – Bay City School, 1840 Bond Street, Green Bay, Wi (Christian Schools Welcome)

8:25 am to 9:10 am Dinosaurs & the Bible

9:15 am to 10:00 am Dinosaurs & the Bible

Paul Taylor of Creation Today : Sept. 6

Featuring: Paul Taylor of Creation Today

Paul Taylor - Creation Today
Paul Taylor – Creation Today

Paul Taylor’s  background in science, knowledge of God’s Word, and British accent and humor, makes him a sought after apologetics speaker. He speaks on creation science as well as biblical history in equipping and empowering
Christians to know what they believe. He’s also a skilled debater who enjoys a lively discussion with skeptics, agnostics and atheists. A UK native, and former senior speaker and manager of Answers in Genesis – UK, Paul has also worked as the Director of Ministry Development at Creation Today. He has
spoken and written on creation for more than 30 years. Paul has also engaged in brief debates with well known atheists Richard Dawkins and Steve Jones.

Join FreedomProject Education on Saturday,
September 6th for a FREE event featuring
Christian speaker Paul Taylor!

 10am – The Language of Evolution

This talk focuses on the use of language, as evolutionists attempt to teach their theory. The use of key words, such as ‘probably’ and ‘may be’ is examined. Also the use of rhetorical questions and the imaginative use of narrative
are investigated. All of this dissembling is compared to the simple truth of scripture.

 11am – Don’t Miss the Boat
2 Peter 3:5,6 make clear that the original world was destroyed by water in the Flood. If that is so, such a global event must have left its mark on the world. This talk illustrates the necessity of believing in the global Flood. It looks at what the NT says about the Flood, and how the scientific evidence is all around, in the fossil record and elsewhere, if it is correctly interpreted.

 1pm – Counting Stars
This talk is suitable for children. It focuses on the stars and the planets and how and why they were made. The talk looks at lots of scripture verses about stars, and shows their practical use. Four key points to remember are
emphasized in the talk.

 2pm – Dinosaurs and the Bible
This talk is similar to the talk ‘Dragons and Dinosaurs’ but is aimed at a more general age group. It looks at the history of the discovery of dinosaurs, and their fossilization. It views all this data through a biblical worldview.

 Free Admission | Open to the Public

May’s Learning Event

 Topic:  “How to Present Creation at County Fairs”

Presented by:  Mary and Dave Weigand of “What’s the Evidence” West Bend, WI

Hosted by:  The Genesis Foundation, Green Bay, WI

Location:  Bay City Baptist Church, Green Bay, WI

Date:  Friday, May 16th, 2014, 6:30 to 8:30pm

Mary and Dave show Dinosaur tattoos that they use to help children and their parents learn about how dinosaurs and people lived at the same time.
Mary and Dave show Dinosaur tattoos that they use to help children and their parents learn about how dinosaurs and people lived at the same time.

Mary and Dave have evangelized at county fairs in Wisconsin for the past ten years.

They specialize in creation because they learned first-hand that public schools will not entertain the idea of teaching anything other than evolution.  They brought Dr. David Menton to their son’s school to present scientific evidence of creation to the school officials but the officials ignored the evidence.  Therefore Mary and Dave started their “What’s the Evidence” ministry to get the truth of creation out to the public.

They realized that county fairs might be a good venue because there are thousands of attendees who had time to listen because they weren’t in a hurry to get somewhere and they were usually in a good mood.  Every year Mary and Dave rent booths at as many fairs as they can coordinate.  They have enough members to attend two fairs at a time.  They typically attend the following fairs:  Dane, Washington, Saulk, Ozaukee, Waukesha and Sheboygan.

Their booth consists of ‘evidence of creation’ that they have purchased themselves or received donations for.  Their main banner is ten feet long, to stretch across the entire length of a typical booth.  The banner states:

“Why do Thousands of Scientists Believe Darwin was Wrong?”

The banner attracts attention of passersby because most people have no idea that there could be any other explanation for life other than evolution.

Several members of The Genesis Foundation are getting their ‘hands on’ education regarding how to present ‘Creationism’ at county fairs. Praise the Lord!
Several members of The Genesis Foundation are getting their ‘hands on’ education regarding how to present ‘Creationism’ at county fairs.
Praise the Lord!

They labeled a table as ‘Touch Table’ so that people could pick up and examine various pieces of ‘evidence’.  They had to build a display cabinet for their fossils because of theft.

Mary and Dave keep a ‘Prayer List’ of the discussions that they’ve had with attendees.

They have several give-away ideas:

  1.  ‘God of Wonders’ DVD to those people who want to learn more,
  2.  Dinosaur tattoo to children who then are told about the gospel during the tattooing process,
  3. pieces of amber that can be cleaned with a tooth-brush and toothpaste (while at the booth) to try to find an insect in the amber.  They purchase amber from ‘’ ask for Jeff.
  4. AIG booklets, first one is free, then 25 cents donation (not allowed to sell anything at the booth)
  5. Short quiz for people to fill out to learn about the difference between creation and evolution
  6. Dinosaur balloons.  Turned out to be too much trouble.

Other ‘evidence’ in the booth includes:

  1. fossils of shark teeth,
  2. 4’ long replica of dinosaur bone that was cracked.  The crack is an indication of a traumatic event such as the worldwide flood.
  3. Icka Stones,
  4. A microscope to view insects in pieces of amber,
  5. At least one TV, possibly two, to show DVDs.  Ideally the TVs are muted with closed captioning to not upset neighboring booths.

Printed materials include:

  1. Poster of “Animal Kinds” vs. “Species”,  possibly obtain posters from ‘’
  2. Quotable Quotes, quotes out of the bible as well as quotes from famous evolutionists
  3. What process does a caterpillar undergo to become a butterfly,
  4. How does hair grow and what does the Bible say about the hairs on our heads,

Suggestions from Mary and Dave:

  1. A single ten foot long booth is not large enough.  They rent at least 15’ or 20’.
  2. Each person that works the booth should pick a small topic to learn about and feel comfortable sharing with fair goers.
  3. Have evidence about dinosaurs and butterflies.  Boys like to learn about dinosaurs and girls like to learn about butterflies.
  4. Have evidence about Noah’s ark and the flood because of the recent movie.
  5. Create a schedule of workers for the booth.  The booth must be manned every hour of the fair.  It’s important to have two workers at all times to allow for breaks.  Saturday and Sunday afternoons are the busiest and will require three or more workers.
  6. Do not break any of the fair rules because they will ask us to leave.
  7. Mary likes to ask “Why is it so important that you believe in evolution?”








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